Environmental & Social Sustainability

For the first time, Manuli Ryco group has published on a voluntary basis the Sustainability Report. The aim is to report to all stakeholders the current status of environmental and social sustainability issues as the starting point for a future evolution where these activities will become more and more relevant.

The 2022 Sustainability Report is now available upon request. If you are interested send an email at the following address: email with your name, company name, role and email address.

Note: The Sustainability Report is a proprietary document and all information therein contained must be treated on a confidential basis. The Sustainability Report cannot be, in whole or in part, distributed or divulged to any third party. Manuli Ryco reserves the right at its discretion not to send the Sustainability Report.

All your data will be treated in accordance with Italian Data Protection law, as mentioned in the below Privacy Policy. By sending an email to the above address, you accept the Privacy Policy.